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James Muriuki


James Muriuki, born in 1977, is a Nairobi based artist who has primarily utilized lens-based media in his work. His practice revolves around the transition of society and the development of rapidly evolving urban spaces, whether in his native Nairobi or other spaces he encounters during his many trips and residencies. His works focuses on the confluence of inter-dependent happenings in an ever-changing social, economic and cultural landscape. He uses forms such as architecture and construction as visual elements and metaphorical symbols that anchor his compositions and question his viewers. At present, James is experimenting with photography, video, sound and installation focusing on the rapidly changing metropolis that is his home and following a residency at the Delfina Foundation in London, exploring the politics of food in a national and international context.


James’s work has been exhibited and collected worldwide and included in several publications. He has collaborated with artists, attended residencies and workshops in several countries as well as being a grants recipient. He has curated several exhibitions individually and collaboratively in Nairobi and abroad.

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